Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ginger Bread Houses

We have been really busy, or maybe really lazy lately. I have been a blog slacker for sure. On monday night we decorated ginger bread houses with gma and gpa and britt and jordan and Gbird! It was so much fun!!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Harvest Carnival

We are EXCITED for Halloween...
A not so scary pirate.

-a little out of order-
We went to a pumpkin patch, Cooper loved the swings.

This is at the school carnival. We bought tickets to play the games, they only won a prize if they actually won the game. I am still shocked what a rip off. Cheap! I guess its a good lesson on reality.

and a Brady is a B BALLER!
Creative, I know!

Brookie loved the "baby Punkins" she wanted to buy them all.

I guess the kids had fun in the petting zoo, but they would only go close to the butts of the animals? If the goat looked at them they wouldn't go near it.

Brotherly love

I LOVE it..... They play so good together.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Brady's first day of preschool

Brady has waited a long time for his turn to come.
Everyday last year when Brookie would go to school Brady would ask "When do I get to go to school?" To be honest I wasn't sure if I was going to even do preschool this year, but a great opportunity came up and we took it. He has been so excited to start, Brooklyn started two weeks ago and Brady knew his school started when we got home from Lake Powell. This morning went smoothly, he could hardly hold back his shouts for joy, until we pulled up to the house and the teacher came out to greet him. His joy quickly turned into tears and he didn't want to go in. I jumped out and walked him to the door telling him how much fun he will have and how soon I will be back to pick him up, gave him a quick kiss and ran back to the car. Knowing he would be fine as soon as I left.
Just as I suspected he had a great day! He made a darling frog and learned all about the color GREEN. He can't wait to go back. We will see what Thursday morning brings.

Picture day!!!!

Her first picture day has come and gone. Its so funny because I was worried about her hair and what she was going to wear, in the end it doesn't matter. I think she's darling in anything. Hopefully the pictures turn out good. I'll keep you posted.
(fingers crossed)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Homework how cute!

I know I am crazy!
Today Brooklyn finished her first packet of homework and I think it is so cute I had to share some of it!
Don't you all agree?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


The first day of school has come and gone. Brooklyn had a great time and loves getting up every morning for another day. I know her excitement about school will end sooner than I want, so I enjoy every minute of it!

The little guy in front of her did not want to go in, luckily it didn't slow her down. Without hesitation she went in front of him, almost running into the classroom.

This new stage in her sweet little life scares me. I have no control over what she will experience and I hate the thought of that. I know this is just the beginning of a lot of choices she will have to make on her own. I am going to miss her every minute she is away from me. (YES! I was a mess. it was really hard to hold back the tears I am not going to lie.)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

In desperate need of a nap schedule

With all of our trips lately and a week of girls camp, Cooper has lost all schedules and has become even more spoiled. (if that's even possible) Honestly, he is nowhere close to giving up his nummies, and when I put him down for a nap he will cry for two hours until I give up and take him out of his crib. I know the key word is "I give up" but I have confessed HE IS SPOILED! One day before our trip to Canada (pictures coming) we experienced all of the above. He fought tooth and nail and won, at 5 pm I put him in his highchair to get dinner started. No more than 5 mins had passed and he was out. I couldn't resist the picture at that point, and that explains the post. SPOILED!!! and LOVED!!!

Back to Kanab

My sister had her baby July 10th, so short notice we went to Kanab to meet the little guy. Funny story... I didn't take any pictures of him, I still can't believe it myself.
I did take some of my adorable babies.
What a stud!

It happened to be this this little cutie's 7th birthday so we played at the park and so much fun.
Happy Birthday Macee!

4th of July family reunion

Over the Fourth of July weekend we had a family reunion at my uncle's property in New Harmony. It was fun seeing my cousins and all their kids. My uncle has a really fun zip line that we played on, it took a good part of a day for everyone who wanted to go to get time to do it. Brooklyn was excited to try until it was her turn, then she chickened out! Thats ok, it was a big one, and a ton fun. I will give her a year and then I am strapping her in and sending her down. I know she will have fun!

The girls waiting for their turn, Brookie was the only one who chickened out!
My nephew Austin, I think he would have gone all day if he could.

My grandma fell down some concrete stairs the day before this picture was taken, It looked worse the next day. Poor Granny Great!
Brooklyn crying because I wanted her to go, and Daddy of course is there to save the day!
We put the harness on backwards so we could face first. It looks funny.
After all her excuses we finally got my mom on it, she loved it to!

The END!

A little of what we've been up to

Brooklyn and Brady have a had a really fun summer so far, and its only getting better!
They had a blast playing with Ty, Savy, Paige and Dax. Swimming and sleepovers what beats that?

Cooper's Birthday party

Cooper had a great party. It was fun getting family together and swimming. I honestly can't believe that he is already ONE! He enjoyed his cake, and the help opening his presents. Cooper enjoys life, he is a wonderful baby and we are so blessed.


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