Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cooper's happy song

For Valentines day Josh bought me a Flip to replace the one that was STOLEN on Christmas day.

So for the debut video, Cooper will serenade you with his talents! ENJOY!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cooper has been really active the past few weeks, so I set him on Brady's back to see what he would do. They both loved it, after I took him off Brady said "Cooper's turn to carry me"
It was so funny, at first poor little Coop didn't know what to think. It wasn't long before the were both laughing again.

(don't worry, I made sure Brady didn't put all his weight on him. Cooper was just fine!)

Hair today... gone tomorrow!

It's nice to have my handsome dude back!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

My budding artist!

Brooklyn has been into art this month. She is always asking to paint, draw, play with play dough, color, use glitter, have scissors and tape I can keep going, basically anything she can get her little creative fingers on! When she showed me her pig, I had to share it with the world! I may be partial but i think it is so dang cute! (i scanned it in, I hope you can see it)

Fondue is FUNDO!

For Christmas I got this copper fondue pot. On Saturday we had the Jolley's over for the Rebel game (they lost in overtime by 2 again, but we're still loyal fans) and decided to pull it out. The kids had a lot of fun... as you can see.

I know I know, its has been a REALLY long time!

For Brooklyn's birthday I took her and a little friend to the mall to get a mini makeover! (It is so much fun to have an aunt working at a makeup counter) Brooklyn and Drue looked like princesses in the big girl chair sitting there so grown up. Drue absolutely loved Brittany the min. she set eyes on her. She told me later how pretty she thought she was, and when Brittany saw Brooklyn walking up she ran out and gave her a big hug! Drue said that was her favorite part of the day!

It was drue's birthday too, so after the makeovers we went to build a bear. The girls had so much fun picking out their animals and then stuffing, washing and dressing them.

To top off the day we stopped by the food court and had some pizza! YUMMY! I think Brooklyn had a great day, I am still a little shocked that she is five. I know I will get over that. It helps that she reminds me daily! " Well mom now that i am FIVE, (fill in the blank)."


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