Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Three Months

WOW, three months already. He really needs to stop getting older! Cooper is such a happy baby, and so lovable! It is hard to put him down because he is so cuddly! I am in love with those chubby cheeks. Just looking at him (even when he's crying) makes me smile. I want to eat him up!


This past weekend we went camping with the Hirschi family. It was my Mom's 20th birthday so we decided to spend a few days out in the open. My dad was crazy enough to give her a puppy, (she has been begging for five years) he is not a dog person! She was so excited and so was Brooklyn, she didn't put her down all weekend. They named her Lizzie! Isn't she cute?

Brady loved the 4 wheelers, in his weird scared of everything way!

There were some really fun park toys to play on, a pond to fish in, and a really big field to run around.

We set a trap and caught a cute little rascal, we played with bubbles, and made smores with peanut butter cups! MMMMMM The kids went on some nature walks with grandma and on one they found a wasp's nest (look at the size of it) one of those darn things stung my niece on her lip and on her back. We made a mud mix out of baking soda and put it on the sores. Her lip swelled up and stuck farther out than her nose. It was better a few hours later. I always thought Brookie was tough, I can't believe how well she handled it!

Even though it was windy both days we were there, we had a lot of fun and can't wait to go again.... SOON!

Breakfast conversation

How do we get back to heaven? -brookie

When we die are bodies are buried and our spirit goes back to heaven, there is no other way. -mom

Yeah maybe on something that flies! -brookie

Like what? -mom

Like an airplane, or a unicorn! :) -brookie

Monday, September 8, 2008


After lunch Brooklyn put on her swim suit hoping to go swimming today. We talked to daddy @ 3:30 and he said the sky looks like it could rain. Sure enough the storm clouds rolled in quickly, it started to sprinkle and Brookie asked if she could go outside and play in the rain. I told her as soon as the rain gets a little harder she could.(trying to buy some time) Not more than 3 mins later it was pouring, so we ran downstairs. From the stairs I could see that it was hailing. When she looked out the door she yelled "it's raining marshmallows!" Once she touched them she then started to sing "it's raining ice cubes." It poured rain at our house for a good ten mins and Brooklyn was in heaven. Brady on the other hand felt safe close by the door!

Friday, September 5, 2008

One more year of preschool

Brooklyn was excited to start school this year but a little nervous to meet new friends. Last year she was moved up to the older class so all of her friends have now started kindergarten. This year she is with the kids she would have been with last year, she actually knows a few already. She is going to be leaning a little spanish this year and was so happy about it, "now i can talk to Zaira" I guess she couldn't talk to her before? :) She is quite impressed that Zaira can speak english and spanish. Brookie has a very big imagination and loves to learn about new things. I know this year will go by so fast, so I've decided to slow down and enjoy my babies while they are young. Even if they want to pretend they are a puppy all day long!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Lake Powell 2008

We had a great time at Lake Powell this year.

Cooper did so good, even out in the rain storm, we never heard him cry.

Brady enjoyed everything that we did, well if he didn't we wouldn't have known it! (he was in his happy place) He is so funny if anything scares him he will just close his eyes and pretend it's not happening. He has even fallen asleep doing it. We joke around and say "Oh Brady's in his happy place" we are all kinda jealous.

Brooklyn had so much fun having her dad's attention for 4 whole days. They went tubing together, climbed seashell mountain, swam to mermaid island, drove the jetskis, watched movies, and pretty much lived in the water. Its a good thing that school started this week so she won't get too bored only hanging out with mom! But I can't blame her with a dad that cute, who could get enough?

We also went cliff jumping, played card games, and celebrated my birthday.

Little Coop loved the boat, and daddy had fun on the tube by himself.

But we all know he had more fun with Brooklyn and Brady! Look at those smiles!

We are so happy that Zach and Zaira came down from school to play with us! I think they had the most fun on the tube.

It was a great trip with a few minor generator problems, But we had the universe on our side and everything turned out perfectly! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for taking us to the lake we can hardly wait for next year!


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