Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Happy Ending on Mothers Day!

On Sunday we had a great mothers day, (thanks for the Spa get away sweetie) until around 8:30 pm. We were leaving our aunts house and Brady tripped as he walked out of the sliding glass door, he landed on his left side and got right up. He was fine for about 10 min, running around and then singing in the car.  

Well then he started to whine and point to his arm I turned around to see what was wrong and asked him to show mommy, he would not lift his arm it was totally limp, so we pulled over to look at it and decided we better get an x-ray. After 3 hours in the ER , luckily it was just a contusion. (tenderness and swelling of the soft tissue) Seeing your baby in the ER really makes you appreciate them, I am so grateful to be a mom, and I am so lucky to have good examples of mothers in my family to look up to and be inspired to do better. I love you all! 

Halle's Birthday Party

                                                                    On saturday we went to our cousins 8th birthday party, it was alot of fun. They had a carnival with games and face painting! My sister in law made a really cute cake, check out the pictures!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Swimming Lessons

The kids started swim lessons this week, on the very first day Brady was crying before he even got wet. It has been an exhausting first week. When you ask him if he wants to go swimming he says NO POOL BARB! 

Brooklyn on the other hand is a fish )> I can't keep her out of the water! She loves to jump off the diving board, dive for rings, and learn new strokes. I think she would enjoy having lessons ALL summer long. (luckily it's only two weeks)

Josh has taken the kids swimming a few times so Brady hasn't lost his trust. He only gets nervous when he sees the teacher. He is doing really good though, at least I think. Ms Barb keeps telling me that. 


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