Monday, July 28, 2008

Saturday Night BBQ with the Villani's

We had great food.....

..... fun with water guns.....

( jill and paige villani) (zeke mangus) ( hayden villani) with friends.......

...........Fun with Family!

(cooper is still too little to swim... we still love ya buddy!)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

So Funny

Brooklyn has been into gymnastics this month. She watched the Olympic trials and loved them, so she has been practicing "her tricks" A LOT! She has gotten really good at them, she can do a headstand, a flip in the air (from the couch to the ottoman), a handstand and then over to a back bend, a cartwheel, and the splits! Today she showed me a NEW trick! She told me: "mom, my fingers can do the splits too!"-Brookie

Monday, July 21, 2008

1 month

I can't believe Cooper is already 1 month old! I remember how anxious I was to have him and now time is going by so fast. Each day I have little reminders to cherish this short time I have with my babies. Brady is so funny, and very tenderhearted. Every time I look at him I am in disbelief how big he is getting, at this rate very shortly he will be taller than Brooklyn! and Brooklyn is entirely another story she is too smart for her pants. The past few weeks I have had a glimpse into my childhood, sorry mom, I guess I get to see what it was like to raise me. She is a character with a lot of spunk, and at the same time a loveable sweetheart who can't get enough of her new baby brother. I love my kids!

Happy Valley

Brady at the Scera pool, I might of gotten more pictures of
the kids if it wasn't raining, and if Brooklyn could of stayed
in one place for half a second. We really did have fun at the pool!

Last week I took the kids up to Provo to visit Zach and Zaira, we had so much fun...(i forgot to take pictures)...Here are a few of the ones I took!

Brooklyn loves to swing, I think she is half monkey.

Brady loved the big slide! He went down it at least 50 times!

Sorry for the lack of pictures, we really did have a fun time and it gets kinda crazy with three kids and a camera I promise I will get better!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Happy 4th of July

We spent the holiday in the red sand of KANAB, UT! My brother and sister both live there, and the whole family (except for Jordan) went to see them. It has become a tradition! We don't make it every year but we always have a lot of fun when we do! Here are a few of the highlights.

The SAND CAVE! The kids have fun going up to this cave. They take jars and scrape different colors of sand into them making really pretty patterns. Brooklyn had more fun climbing the walls and jumping off really high rocks. From the pictures you can tell Brady had fun just being there with his dad, he is such a daddy's boy!

Sparklers!!!! I really get nervous when my babies have sparklers, but they had fun and no one got hurt! Thank Goodness!

My ROCK STAR! He is going to kill me for posting these pictures but I couldn't resist!

We had a ton of fun playing ROCKBAND! My brother Ryan has it. I have never played it before and I really suck. (sorry for my not so nice word) By the end of the weekend I was catching on and started to get better, now I want to own it so I can practice ALOT and keep up with the boys. It seems like all games just come natural to all of them. (I will boost their egos a little)

Brady was so much fun at the town parade. He was actually so much fun all weekend, he loved running for the candy that the floats threw out and enjoyed the fireworks that night! I was worried he'd be afraid, since he is afraid of pretty much everything! He is growing up way to fast! Before I know it I will be posting his mission call, J/K!

My cute family at the parade, I should of had someone take a picture of all 5 of us, shoot! Oh well we were all there and had a good time. I am so greatful for my family and for my freedom! We really are so blessed to live in this country and to have the freedoms we enjoy. Stephanie's brother in law is a US Marine and just recently returned home from Iraq! I think about how hard it would be to have a loved one in Iraq and I am so greatful for the men and women who fight for my freedom!

When we got to Kanab we realized that the kids suitcase did not get put in the car. Luckily Stephanie has a little boy, so Brady borrowed his old clothes, but Brooklyn did not want to wear BOYS clothes so we went to the family $ and found this dress and another play outfit. You might notice the boy pjs, she had to be convinced that it was ok to borrow your cousins jammies if you forgot yours even if they are made for boys!

Brookie had so much fun sleeping under the stars with her cousins. She saw 3 shooting stars and had a little rain fall on her what a fun night!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Cooper and Cash

We met our new cousin over the 4th of July weekend, what a difference two weeks make. Cash was born June 4th and weighed close to the same as Cooper, But he is by far much chunkier than our skinny little man! Cooper has him beat on length though, Coop's feet are even longer. It is going to be so much fun for Cooper to have boy cousins his age on both sides of the family! (we can hardly wait to meet his new Peterson cousin) Look they're already holding hands!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Too many Lala's

I am not sure if it is because Cooper is around or if it is a new thing, but Brady is now even more obsessed with his blankets. (all of them) He has always liked his two favorite Lala's and just recently it has turned into SIX! He is such a silly kid and we love him so much!


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