Saturday, December 27, 2008

We had a great Christmas, Starting with Christmas Eve!
We had yummy treats!

Saw Santa, this time the true Brady came out.

Opened our Christmas Pajamas

And Christmas morning woke up to lots of surprises, some great some not so much!
Brookie got her Pony roller coaster, "Santa loves me!"
Brady got a really fun fire engine that he's not so sure about.
Mommy woke up with the flu, gross i know!
And Daddy woke up to find his car and seven others in the neighborhood got broken into! Lucky us! They stole his sunglasses, and a pair of shoes, and my video camera with the bag, including our tape of Cooper in the hospital, his first bath and who knows what else. The jerks also stole my really fun Flip video, I am mostly sad about the tape of coop, You just cant replace it! :( So the police came and CSI and did a really good job collecting evidence,(they left blood in the car, and fingerprints everywhere, the idiots) Hopefully they are in the system! The girls had fun taking the officers a little treat, it probably isn't the most fun working on Christmas! I hope all your Christmas's were as good as mine!

It's that time again!
Cooper had his SIX month check up, I can't believe he is already that big, time flies! This tiny sumo is 19.6 lbs and 27 inches long. He stayed in the same percentile as he was at 4 months for weight, 80th. But for height he has slowed down a little he only grew 2 inches so it moves him to the 40th. He is sitting up like a pro and he loves to babble and blow raspberry's. He is a very cuddly and such a sweet little guy to be around. We are so blessed to have him in our family!

We had so much fun at Josh's party. Thank You Kris and Lloyd for hosting and for the amazing dinner, and thank you to everyone who brought gifts, (you really didn't need to do that) but thank you! We love you all!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Josh!

I am so blessed to have Josh! He is my best friend.

He is a great father!

He makes my heart smile.

He is MY eternity!
I am so blessed,
Happy birthday Josh!

We Love you

Saturday, December 20, 2008

I know I am a little late

My kids had fun playing in the snow too!

Brady froze his little hands off so he went inside and found some pretty purple mittens.

I was quite impressed to see Brooklyn starting a snowman by herself, and even more impressed when she had all three parts put together! Are you?

Monday, December 15, 2008

We saw Santa this week and surprisingly my kids didn't throw a fit! They all loved him, and so did I, he was so nice! If you haven't seen Santa yet, go and see him at the Fashion Show mall. While you are there stop in and see Brittany at Nordy's and buy some great presents! 

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Family Pictures

We finally got family pictures taken! Yay, I am so happy with them.
Thank you Brittney, You are so talented!


The other day Brooklyn asked me if she could have a sucker, so I said yes and get one for you brother. A few mins later Brady comes up the stairs with a very BIG bar of chocolate! I asked where did that come from? and Brookie said in the cupboard. and what happened to a sucker? He wanted this! I guess if you had the choice you'd pick chocolate over a dum dum, right? After a few pictures I went downstairs to see exactly what it was, turns out it was Dark Chocolate! I guess it was healthier, but Gross! So after a few more bites I threw it away. It had been up in the cupboard a really long time anyway!  fyi- I like dark chocolate but what two year old does? i guess chocolate is chocolate take what you can get!


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