Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Turning 6!!!!

At the end of birthday WEEK we celebrated with a few friends at the bowling alley. For how last minute it was it turned out pretty cute. I know Brooklyn had a great time.

Family fun

It was the start of Brooklyn's birthday week and she really wanted to go to Color Me Mine. Josh surprised the kids and got off work a little earlier then normal and we were off. Brady picked a skateboard painted it blue and wrote his name with sharpie. (so cute) and Brooklyn chose a jumping dolphin and of course she was painted PINK! We had so much fun. A week later we picked up our finished art and Brady's skateboard didn't stand a chance against Cooper. :(


Random I know but it's a cute picture so thats why.
This kid is so much fun, he Loves cars and trains and planes
Pretty much all things that go.

I know its just ridiculous....

... but if I don't go all the way back to christmas things will be left out.

The kids made out like banshies this year, and if I said we will do any less next year I would probably be lying. Yes, my children are spoiled!


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