Saturday, March 28, 2009

Painting is so much fun!

the kids had so much fun visiting tucson, i am surprised they let me take them home. ok i will admit it, i had more fun than them. we really did have a great time, never a dull moment. we already miss the beautiful desert of tucson. when can we come back?

Princess Crowns

Savy saw a homemade princess crown at rodeo days that she wanted to buy, it was $15. Amy took one look at it and said no!,we will make these when Brooklyn comes. Savannah didn't let her forget, so we bought some pipe cleaners and curling ribbon and made them. I think ours even turned out better than the originals!   

My little Jezabelle!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Tucson Zoo

We had so much fun in Tucson, one day we were lucky enough to go to the zoo. The kids got to feed the giraffes, 
Brady did not want to, of course.

It was fun watching Brady and Paige run around together
they are at a fun age of independence.

We got some fish/ duck food and let the kids throw it in the stinky pond. and then washed our hands in the frog fountain. It is so cute!
I Loved this zoo, and I am pretty sure the kids did too! I cant wait until our next visit so we can go again. 

Western Day

Brooklyn's preschool had western days, so she got to dress up like a cowgirl and go to school. She was very excited about this. I think she is the cutest little cowgirl ever!


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