Monday, July 16, 2007

My Little Mermaid

Well I Guess we'll get in on the action

Life has been crazy the last few months. Josh graduated from Law School and has been studying for the Bar sun up to midnight everyday, So we never see him. The first two weeks of July, all three us have been visiting Amy and the kids. We had so much fun and we'll miss them. Love you guys! Thanks for giving us something to do during this very hard month of studying. We love our Dad and wish him the best of luck. Our kids are growing up so fast. Brooklyn has been enjoying ballet, gymnastics and swim lessons this summer. Brady also had swim lessons but I can't say he enjoyed it. Brooklyn is a great little swimmer and loves to do flips in the pool. She has even started to do them off the diving board. Scary! She is our little daredevil. Brady has discovered his teeth and bites all the time (mostly Paige, Poor little thing) any advise on breaking this is greatly appreciated. So that's us 'till next time. ;)


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