Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Harvest Carnival

We are EXCITED for Halloween...
A not so scary pirate.

-a little out of order-
We went to a pumpkin patch, Cooper loved the swings.

This is at the school carnival. We bought tickets to play the games, they only won a prize if they actually won the game. I am still shocked what a rip off. Cheap! I guess its a good lesson on reality.

and a Brady is a B BALLER!
Creative, I know!

Brookie loved the "baby Punkins" she wanted to buy them all.

I guess the kids had fun in the petting zoo, but they would only go close to the butts of the animals? If the goat looked at them they wouldn't go near it.

Brotherly love

I LOVE it..... They play so good together.


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