Sunday, November 7, 2010


Brady has been enjoying soccer this season.
I was worried he would get nervous with all the people watching and yelling,
and at the second game he did.
The first game was great, but the second was another story.
He cried the whole game, so Josh had him spend the rest of the
afternoon in his room. He didn't like that at all.
So at the next game he was all smiles.
he has had seven games so far and two left.
I am a little sad that they are almost over, He is so cute in his little
uniform. But I know that next season is just a few short months away.

Go Brady!!! We love you!!!

1 comment:

Cassondra said...

It's posts like this that remind me why I am so excited to finally have a boy! What a little stud Brady is in his uniform!


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