Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Over the summer....

Yeah I know RiDiCuLoUs......
Well i am getting to it now.
We went to california in June, it was a little cold, I guess we
went during "June Gloom" But we still had fun.
Then Cooper turned two and we took him on a train ride.
He absolutely loves trains.
We went to Canada in July and like always had a great time.
Pictures to follow (they could take up an entire blog on their own)
I had a birthday in August and turned the big 30,
nothing fancy. Just dinner at home with Josh and the kids and a few family members.
Oh yeah Josh did take me to Roys too.


suzanne said...

i'm so glad i checked in today!! that first picture is to DIE FOR!!! i LOVE it!!!

Cassondra said...

Seriously LOVE the family picture with your birthday cake - priceless!!


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